Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beyond Adventure

    Beyond Adventure

           Those thud-and-blunder paperbrass sagas
            never said who cleaned up afterwards.
            How brave and destructive our heros were!
            (I always skipped the battle scenes
            to find out who won.)
            Our heros were on a mission
            and the end justified the means.

            But I dreamed of another kind of story:
            a story made of healing;
            of seedlings bursting pavement;
            of childhood spring dawn;
            of close encounters with life;
            of the wisdom that brings light
            and the courage that gives birth.
            I wanted to sing the saga of peace
            but I learned that peace is a true poem
            and true poems have no words.

            Therefore my peace dream remains untold,
            unknown, mysterious, and true;
            while the thud-and-blunder paperbacks
            (made of real paper)
            shout their loud red victory dreams.
            Thus they win a win; but no more.

            For true dream is beyond victory.
            True dream is beyond dream.
            The saga of peace ripens in silence.
            Joy is a song that sings itself
            when life surpasses adventure.

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