Thursday, July 5, 2012

Retrodictions of Sumadastron the Time-Lost: introduction 2

Retrodictions of Sumadastron the Time-Lost

By Sumadastron the Time-Lost
About Himself

Poor Sumadastron, lost in time!
One physic law he could outfox;
he hid his prophesies in rhyme
and thus avoided paradox.

He predicted no plots, he scried no ploys;
no battles he foresaw;
but he babbled of baths and baby toys
and universal law.

He raved of an age of wonder;
of magic mechanical tricks
of laboring bolts of thunder
and of thinking arithmetics.

He thus foretold what he knew best
and altered no-one’s fate;
so when at last his jest is guessed
by then ’twill be too late.

Until that day, no king nor priest
nor a knight, to win a bet
will pay attention in the least
to the Man from Isn’t Yet!

Poor Sumadastron, time-lost fool!
The cosmos will reject
the least exception to the rule
that cause precedes effect!

So fact with fiction he would mix
for those with eyes to see;
born fifteen hundred and sixty-six,
died fifteen zero three.

Commentary by Brother Quark:
This deluded fool, claiming to be from a place that does not yet exist, sets himself up as a prophet of an age ruled by godless sorcery and natural philosophy. He hides his confusion behind the excuse of ‘time paradox’ – whatever that is! – and claims that his incomprehensible visions would be clear to his absurd futurians, and not to us, due to the limits of our knowledge. This much I know; an era as he describes would be an age of miracles and wonders.
Recommendation: suppress. Keep a copy in the Library, but no more.

Commentary by N. Hellerstein:
This is an age of miracles and wonders; but only a Sumadastron would notice it as such.

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