Monday, March 2, 2015

Agents of Chaos, an Underfable

          Agents of Chaos

          Once upon a time, Entropy gave one planet to Death, and another planet to Life. The Lord of Disorder said to them, “These orbs are full of variety, surprise and free energy. Therefore they are too unlikely to exist. I command you to reduce them to predictable mediocrity.”
          A billion years later, Entropy returned to inspect their handiwork. Death said, “Behold my world; already it is half-way to heat-death. In just ten billion more years, the great work will be nearly complete.”
          Entropy said, “How did you achieve this effect?”
          Death said, “I did nothing at all; for matter tends towards you spontaneously.”
          “But slothfully,” Life retorted. “Whereas behold my world!”
          They beheld her world. Entropy said, “Impressive. It is all used up. Nothing of any interest is left. How did you achieve this effect?”
          Life said, “I evolved a semi-intelligent technological species. It hungered for resources. This is the result.”
          “A most unlikely tale,” Death objected.
          “But with a most likely end,” said Entropy.
          Life added, “That same semi-intelligent species is already on a million other worlds, continuing your great work.”
          The Lord of Disorder said, “You are my beloved Daughter, in whom I am well pleased.”

          Moral: Want much, waste much.

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