Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Does Money Exist? 1 of 13

        Does Money Exist?
            Plutism Versus Goedel’s Jinx

               Table of Contents:

Aplutism Defined and Critiqued
Plutic Controversy
The Paradox of Trade
Are Currency, Gold or Credit money?
Social Construction and Metamathematics
Elementary Metamathematics
Metamathematical Aplutism
Revelation of True Price.
Antiplutic Norms
Wider Implications of Jinx and Charm
Metamathematical Reforms
Critique of an alleged science, and a self-validation


            This essay connects fiscal instability to a logic paradox which I call the “metamathematical jinx”. This is a treatise on Metamathematical Economics.

            I start with a definition and critique of a new word: “aplutism”. Then I connect the social-constructivist defense of plutism to meta-mathematics. I briefly review metamathematics through Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorems and Loeb’s Theorem; using these results I define metamathematical “jinx” and “charm”. I then prove that money’s existence is jinxed and money’s accounting is charmed: that is, money exists only to the extent that you cannot prove that it exists; yet your books do in fact balance if they can prove it. I end this essay with some Metamathematical Reforms, a brief critique of an alleged science, and a vain self-validation.

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