Friday, March 31, 2017

Humiliation, an Underfable


          Once upon a time, a mighty God of righteous wrath decreed that all sinners must suffer eternal punishment in Hell. He believed that he himself was righteous, but in his wrath he committed crimes. Finally his evil deeds caught up to him, and he knew himself to be a sinner. By his own Law, he too was condemned to Hell.
His only escape from his own Hell was to renounce divinity. So he fell to his knees and he prayed to whatever God there be, to be a God no more, but instead live and suffer as a Human.
A beam of light shone down upon the fallen God, and a voice from Heaven whispered, “Beware, your prayer is granted.”
Right away he was reborn as a Human. But he had never been Human before; he wasn’t very good at it; so he never acquired much wealth, or power, or wisdom. The former God lived an utterly ordinary life, no better than yours or mine.

Moral: Payback’s a bitch.

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