Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Damned Beloved, an Underfable

          The Damned Beloved

          Once upon a time, the spirit of a blessed lady entered Heaven. She looked all over Heaven, but she did not find her beloved.
          “Death did you part,” said the Angels in unison, for they spoke as one. “He is in the other place. Go there and suffer with him, or stay here in bliss without him.”
          “But I miss him. I remember him. I love him.”
          “Grief has no place here. So forget memory. Forget love.”
          “But memory is who I am. Love is my choice.”
          “Forget who you are. Forget choice. Be not you, or leave.”
          The lady smiled. She said, “I am I.”
          The clouds parted beneath her feet, and she fell.
          She fell for seven days and seven nights. The harsh cold wind of falling stripped off her feathers, one by one. She crashed onto the pavement of Hell, not far from where her beloved lay, bound in chains.
          He saw her crash, he broke his chains, he rose and he rushed to her side. He carried her to shelter; there he tended to her wounds. Eventually she recovered, and they emerged from shelter.
          Outside they found, not his Hell, but the gates of her Heaven. They flew through the open gates and found no-one there but each other.

          Moral: Love is true Heaven.

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