Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Planetary Retrodictions


Alchemic furnace blazing white
with swarms of orbs that go your way
You shine the light, you hide the night
O central sphere, O star of day.

O iron skillet, how you fry!
For lack of heat you need not fear;
You’re bleached and baked and hot and dry;
Your day is longer than your year.

Though Mother’s twin, she’s very dead;
no speck of life on her can dwell;
a greenhouse hot as molten lead;
You call that love? I call it Hell.

O lovely one of brown and green
and blue and white; a shiny pearl;
at last I’ve seen where I have been;
my home, my love, my life, my world.

Your mountain climbs beyond your sky,
O ruddy little brother.
Some look at you with farmer’s eye;
Some hope you host Another.

The greatest ever wandering one
with orbs around him in a ring
and bands and storms upon him spun;
Not quite a star, but yes, a king.

O jeweled giant, so sublime!
A spectacle to astound to!
The angels blessed you with this sign;
They parked their haloes around you.

O gassy giant, why so blue?
On you I’d choke and buckle;
You rotate sideways, all askew;
Your name makes children chuckle.

O gassy twin of deeper blue
You roll upright, I see;
You sport a spot of darkish hue;
Your tune is from the sea.

With ferry-man partner, whirling go
Your sun’s a star, your plains are new
Your water’s rock, your air is snow
Dear distant death-dwarf, I love you.

Comment by Quark:
Perhaps this is about the poet’s community.
The first is the King;
The second is his overworked cook;
The third is a fallen woman;
The fourth is the poet’s wife;
The fifth is the poet’s scheming younger brother;
The sixth is a baron;
The seventh is his ornamented duchess;
The eighth is a constipated knight;
The ninth is his sailor brother;
The tenth is a mortician.

Comment by Hellerstein:
This is about the solar system: respectively the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

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