Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Interruption: birthday blog

62nd birthday blog

Today, November 20, 2019, is my 62nd birthday.

That means that, as of today, I have survived:
62*365 days + 15 leap-days  =  22,645 days;
which equals
22,645 * 24  =  543,480 hours
543,480 * 60  = 32,608,800 minutes
32,608,800 * 60 = 1,956,528,000 seconds.

One point nine five gigaseconds old! Time sure flies.
I am having a minimalist birthday today. I figure that I don’t have to do anything to turn 62, other than survive the day, so I’m taking it easy. It’ll be a standard work day, and in the evening I’ll blow out some candles on a cake while my daughter watches on Skype.
A week from now I’ll celebrate Thanksgiving at my brother’s. At my age I am happy to spread the birthday out over days.

As for what I want, well...

For my birthday I want a parking space
open right outside my destination,
with enough time on the meter
for me, and after me.

For my birthday I want free air,
free daylight, free night-dark,
all gratis, take what you want,
free ground beneath my feet,
free sun, moon and stars.

For my birthday I want a holy book
full of holy jokes funny enough
to make God laugh.

For my birthday I want justice for all
whether or not we deserve it.

For my birthday I want another birthday.



Tuesday, November 19, 2019