Friday, April 21, 2017

Political Perversities and Misnomers

Political Perversities and Misnomers

          How to predict ‘conservatism’: it always chooses the more destructive option. Whatever injures, ruins or kills more; that will be called conservative. This is, of course, straight-up doublethink. War is peace, slavery is freedom, destruction conserves.

          Why this perversity? Why don’t conservatives conserve? Is the very name a Big Lie?

          And in other perversities: why don’t liberals liberate? Why don’t libertarians liberate? And why don’t progressives progress?

          I suppose it has to do with the corruption of power, the limits of language, and the inherent dynamism of the world. I propose these corrections to the misnomers conservative, liberal, libertarian and progressive: respectively destructivist, regulist, propertarian, and retreatist.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Minority Whiteness Problem Solved

          Minority Whiteness Problem Solved

Some have expressed concern about the demography of skin tint. It seems that soon whiteness will be in the minority in this country.

If minority whiteness is a problem, then the solution is simple: expand the definition of white. It’s a social construct anyhow. The Irish had to become white; ditto with the Italians and the Eastern Europeans and the Jews.

So just wait ’til enough Hispanics are judges and governors and CEOs; then call them white. Problem solved.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

On Green Robots and the Triumph of Capital

On Green Robots and the Triumph of Capital

I am in favor of “renewable energy”, but I prefer to call it “owned power”. When you get your electricity from a power plant that burns fuel, then you must constantly buy fuel from someone else; so you don’t really own your electric power, you just rent it. Whereas if you own a solar panel or a windmill or geothermal, then the flow of electric power that they generate is yours. And it is better to own your power than to rent it.

Owned power is a capital investment. When you buy the solar panel, almost all the cost is up front. Rented power is cheaper up front, but requires a flow of capital afterwards, which ultimately comes from a flow of labor. So the solar panel is a way to replace long-term labor by up-front capital.

The same is true for robots. Most of the cost of the robot is up front, and unlike a human laborer, it needs no pay nor pensions nor benefits nor downtime. Unlike labor, it is disposable; therefore unlike labor, it is indispensible. So robots too are a way to replace labor by capital.

So owned power and robotics - key elements of the rising economy - represent triumphs of capital over labor. Technically, this is an accomplishment; politically, this is a disturbance. When capital puts labor out of a job, it fires its own customers.