Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bardic Ettiquette

‑ or ‑
Read It, Already!

O visionary Makers with immense poetic force;
We pray that you do not explain your verse's ancient source.
No learned exegesis like it can't stand on its own;
We do not care for crap like that;
just read your creepy poem!                                                               

O poets, bards and countrymen, to whom we lend an ear;
No anecdotes of cats or kin were what we came to hear.
So spare us the digression that is longer than a tome;
we do not give a shit for it,
so read your stupid poem!

O Master Poetasters, when at last you start your verse
Why hamper it with hems and haws that make it even worse?
Why hesitate or vacillate? Or mumble, creak or drone?
Bray out those words though they be turds
and read your wretched poem!

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