Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Underfables: The Silver Lining

           The Silver Lining

           Once upon a time a man got caught in a rainstorm. Though drenched, he thought, “some good may yet come of this,” for the clouds parted and a rainbow formed, with a pot of gold at the end. The man boldly strode to the rainbow’s end, and seized the pot from a protesting Leprechaun. Then he lugged the heavy caldron through the freezing rain to his home.

           Once home he saw that the pot was gilded tin; but within it were twelve silver shekels. Cold, wet and tired, he went to bed. The next morning he awoke with a fever so high that he feared for his life.  The doctor’s nauseating nostrum quickly restored him to full health, and cost only thirteen silver shekels.

           Moral: The silver lining is always smaller than the cloud.

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