Thursday, November 14, 2013



          a.k.a. ‘My God’s Bigger Than Your God’.

          Consider, if you will, a technocrat and a theocrat. It is my belief that they are living in each other’s worlds!

          Consider the technocrat; what are his values? Reason, order, efficiency, control. His methods are mechanistic, and his central concern is mankind. A rationalist. Now consider the theocrat. His values are centered on God; a mysterious entity, characterized by infinite power, glory, and subtlety. A mystic.

          Now consider the technocrat’s world. By his own account, the technocrat lives in a vast, mysterious, powerful, beautiful, terrible and wonderful cosmos that dwarfs all human endeavor. Whereas the theocrat’s cosmos is tight, little, well-mapped, and human-centered; just the sort of world that you or I would design, if we were on a budget.

          The technocrat lives in a mystical cosmos, the theocrat lives in a rationalist cosmos. It is as if each had designed the world that the other shall inhabit!

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