Monday, August 4, 2014

More Cadaeics

A “cadaeic” is a mnemonic for the digits of pi. “Cadaeic” is a cadaeic, if you use the code a=1, b=2, and so on. The following cadaeics use a word-length code.
Kudos to my students in both Trigonometry classes for Summer 2014 at the City College of San Francisco.


Shane Krpata:
Sir, I know I spent countless. I'm unsure where I've spent trillions.

Hannah Banta:
Can a girl I loved abandoned my sickly hands for fancy, fearless salaryman. Whoever embarrass her on her birthday, will curses in tongue. Shall see his universe cut in smaller explosive piece.

Travis Warren:
Now I have a super paragraph to arouse class well.

Tony Vong:
Can I tell a story regarding my family lives and views?
See, I have a rhyme assisting my feeble brain.
How I wish I could calculate pi.
Now I want a sheep notifying me eleven times for three weekends.

Shiyo Hagiwara:
Can I have a space telescope to report where the world sparkles Christmas; reminds everybody how to buy everyone some pepper to season food for the children who go yelling happiness today.

Hubert Zhu:
Why I lied. I threw bubblegum. I'm seeing David all angry. Clinging bubblegum wrapped unusually all on his shoelace. Then spates of temper came out his outraged lip. Me, denying anything's wrong.

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