Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On the Lois Lane Trilemma

       On the Lois Lane Trilemma

Here is an Identity Breakdown Voter’s Paradox:

                                                  Moe         Larry            Curly
Can Superman fly?                    yes             no               yes
Is Clark Kent Superman?           yes            yes              no
Can Clark Kent fly?                   yes             no               no

Majorities believe:
* Superman can fly.
* Clark Kent is Superman.
* Clark Kent can’t fly.

I also call this the Lois Lane Trilemma. All three pass, but they cannot all be true at once. Any two imply the negation of the third; so the trilemma implies three deduction rules:

If Superman can fly
and Clark Kent is Superman
then Clark Kent can fly.

If Clark Kent is Superman
and Clark Kent can’t fly
then Superman can’t fly.

If Clark Kent can’t fly
and Superman can fly
then Clark Kent is not Superman.

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