Friday, April 27, 2018

Unfashionably Factual

     Unfashionably Factual

At the risk of me being unfashionably factual:

1. “Race” is an exaggeration. It’s skin-deep. It’s a genetic tan. Given two people at random, 5% of their genetic difference will be due to continental origin, 25% due to ethnicity, and the remaining 70% will be due to individuality. This is according to DNA sequencing. Racism exists, but in scientific terms, race does not.

2. Skin “color” is an exaggeration. Better to call it skin “tint”. Except for pink albinos and other rare exceptions, we are all shades of brown. If you use your own eyes rather than other people’s lies, and if by white you mean paper-color, and by black you mean ink-color, then it’s plain to see that there are neither white people nor black people. Boris Badenov and Caspar the Friendly Ghost are white; Daffy Duck and Felix the Cat are black; but all of them are fictional.

          I mention these trivial truths because I unfashionably believe that facts matter. Any policies or customs which claim the existence of white and black races are based upon hallucination, from which nothing good can come.

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