Friday, April 12, 2013

Dilemma 10: Dilemma Sports

Dilemma Sports

Some sports are dilemma games already; in a marathon, those who reach the end truce with each other, and the losers draw with each other. Dilemma Racing sets a goal time; all in time truce with each other, and win over those who mutually draw.
Dilemma Football has 2 footballs in play; one red and one blue. The teams move one ball per play, alternating roles and balls per play. When one ball passes the goalpost, the other team has a set amount of time to truce the play by countergoaling with the other ball. Each play is a win, lose, truce or draw; sum them up as a dilemma tournament. This “timed showdown” truce system is shared by Dilemma Hockey, with 2 pucks, and Dilemma Basketball, with 2 basketballs.
Dilemma Soccer also has two balls, red and blue. It is played on a square field, half the usual soccer field. One side is the red line; the opposite side is the blue line. Balls are thrown in from opposite corners. If foul in play, restart. Play otherwise continues until both balls leave the square. Your team wins or truces the round if your color ball crosses your color line; your team draws or truces otherwise. Score as a dilemma tournament.
In Dilemma Baseball, each team has a pre-set quota runs per inning. (Set quota = league average runs per inning.) If home team reaches its quota at the top of an inning, then the visitors have the bottom of the inning to reach quota and truce the inning. Score the 9 innings as a dilemma tournament.
In precision throwing games such as Archery, Darts, or Javelin, define truce as when both sides hit their target, draw when neither side does, and win/lose when only one side does.
Long-Distance Jumping, Pole Vaulting, Gymnastics, Skating, and other athletic achievement sports can be truced if both players achieve their feats, drawn if neither do, won/lost if only one does.
In Log Wrestling, the wrestlers stand on an unsteady platform; one stable enough to hold one person easily, two people if they cooperate, and none if they struggle. Truce is if both stay on for two minutes; etc.
In Pitcher’s Dilemma, two pitchers, each with a ball, stand inside two circles, several yards wide, separated by several yards. Each round they throw the balls at each other. If both catch the other’s ball, within their circles, then truce; if neither, draw, and if only one catches, the catcher wins. From the catcher’s point of view, this is a simple test of skill; from the pitcher’s point of view, a dilemma; throw within the circle or not?
Catcher’s Dilemma is the same as Pitcher’s Dilemma, except that if only one ball is caught, then the pitcher wins. The catcher’s dilemma is; catch the ball or not?

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