Thursday, May 16, 2013

On Troikas 4: Expanding Troikas

            Expanding Troikas

Here is the “French Film Paradox”, with thanks to Matthew Groening:
(2/3): The French are funny.
(2/3): Sex is funny.
(2/3): Comedies are funny.
Yet all agree that no French sex comedies are funny!         

We can explain this troika by “expanding” it thus:
Moe: The French and sex are funny, but not comedies;
Larry: Comedies and the French are funny, but not sex;
Curly: Sex and comedies are funny, but not the French.

Or consider this  “Lifeline Strong Majority”:
2/3: Old age is not O.K.
2/3: Adulthood is not O.K.
2/3: Childhood is O.K.
2/3: Most of life is O.K.

            You can expand this to:
            Moe: None of life is O.K.
            Larry: Adulthood and childhood are O.K.
            Curly: Old age and childhood are O.K.

Exercise for the reader: expand the following troikas:

“Lifeline Weak Majority”:
2/3: Old age is wise.
2/3: Adulthood is wise.
2/3: Childhood is foolish.
2/3: Most of life is foolish.

 “Intellectual Property Troika”:
L&M:    Speech is information.
M&K:   Information is property.
K&L:   Property is not free.
Yet all agree that speech is free!

“Libertarian Troika”:
M&K: The free market fosters competition.
L&M: Competition undermines civic virtue.
K&L: Prosperity requires civic virtue.
Yet all agree that the free market brings prosperity.

“Traditionalist Troika”:
K&L: Democracy depends upon family values.
M&K: Popular culture strengthens democracy.
L&M: Popular culture weakens family values.

“Presidential Troika”:
M&L: Tweedledee is more moral than Tweedledum.
L&K: Only the moral should be President.
K&M: Tweedledum should be President.

“Downsizing Troika”:
M&K: Corporations help the economy grow.
K&L: The economy can grow only if there are more jobs.
L&M: Corporations reduce the number of jobs.

“Unborn Troika”:
M&L: The rights of the unborn are low just after conception.
L&K: The rights of the unborn are high just before birth.
K&M: The rights of the unborn do not increase during gestation.

“P.C. Troika”:
K&L: Some people are victims.
M&K: Victims deserve special treatment.
L&M: Everybody deserves equal treatment.

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