Friday, May 3, 2013

Underfables: The Zombie Option

The Zombie Option

         Once upon a time the Dead were moved to pity by the suffering of the Living; so they asked each other what to do. The Resurrection Party recommended armed intervention; the Decay party advocated detachment. The options were: don’t get involved, or else send the Zombies.
The Resurrectionists decried the Decayer’s lack of concern for the Living; the Decayers retorted that sending Zombies to the land of the Living would do the Living more harm than good.
Much debate established that a Zombie expedition would fail; but the debate continued. No options were best; all were worst; so in the end the Dead decided, as usual, to do nothing.

Moral:  Inaction is the least worst option.

This is a meditation on non-intervention and its alternatives. I found the Undermoral in an article advocating against American intervention in the Syrian civil war.

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