Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Liberators, an Underfable

        The Liberators
           An Underfable

           Once upon a time, a Backwoods Meth Gang needed money to buy guns, and guns to rob money. How to start the cycle?

           Carrot-Top, the youngest and hippest of the hoodlums, proposed that they spend the price of a car to buy a 3-D Printer; and then 3-D print untraceable plastic guns; and to use those plastic guns to slay policemen; and then liberate the Man’s guns.

           Tattoo, a Biker and a Made Man, questioned Carrot-Top’s intelligence. He proposed that lathe-milled pipe guns would be safer, cheaper, more powerful and just as untraceable as some flimsy plastic nerd toy. Tattoo then questioned Carrot-Top’s sanity. It is too early for cop-killing, he said; instead let us prey upon lone-wolf survivalists; for they are well-armed but they are alone, and they must sleep sometime.

           Cletus, the Grand Wizard of the gang, had Carrot-Top immediately executed, on the charge of dangerous stupidity. Cletus later personally executed Tattoo, on the charge of dangerous intelligence.

           Moral:  Extremes exfoliate.

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