Thursday, January 30, 2014

Conspiracy Dilemma

          Conspiracy Dilemma

          I am skeptical about the effectiveness of secret machinations in general. Note the following xkcd web-comic:
          He petitions all the secret conspirators, from Knights Templar through the CFR to the Lizard People, to “get your shit together. This is embarrassing.” 

          I think conspiracies do exist, and are powerful, but they are in conflict and tend to cancel each other out. Also the secrecy of conspiracy lowers collective intelligence. To have a lasting effect requires open cooperation. This is a dilemma for elites; either they work in secret, to their own aims, but battling in the dark; or they work openly, with information and cooperation from others, but at the price of compromise. This is the Conspiracy Dilemma.

          This resembles the Education Dilemma: shall the elites educate the masses or not? The latter, ‘closed’ solution yields a docile but unproductive populace; the former, ‘open’, solution yields a productive but defiant populace. Also there is the Snowden Dilemma: shall the conspiracy share its internal information openly or not? If the latter, then collective conspiratorial intelligence drops; if the former, then eventually a Snowden leaks vital files. 

          Closed control collapses, open control explodes. 

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