Monday, January 20, 2014

On Meta-Fraud

           On Meta-Fraud

             I note that the Republican party has, lately, been using voter-ID laws to suppress voter turnout. The stated reason for these new laws is to protect the voting process from vote fraud; but investigation reveals that there is in fact very little such fraud, having less distorting effect on the voting process than the voter-ID laws will have. Therefore the voter-ID laws are themselves fraudulent. They claim that there is massive voter fraud corrupting democracy, which these laws fix; but these laws are themselves a massive democracy-corrupting fraud. The massive fraud in the anti-fraud laws is that there is massive fraud other than in the anti-fraud laws.

             I admire the elegance of the scam. Merely by claiming that there is massive fraud when there is no massive fraud, one can commit a massive fraud. This would be a god-like reality-creating power, if up were down. But up is not down, so really this is an unreality-creating power.

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