Friday, February 28, 2014

A Proof of Self-Proof; 5 of 15


          What is the negation of self-doubt? It would seem to be self-trust, for self-doubt asserts that ‘this’ sentence is unprovable, while self-trust asserts that ‘this’ sentence is provable; but it’s a different ‘this’ for each one. Self-reference implies a twist in logic. Paradox pervades this study.
          In fact the negation of self-doubt is not self-trust but self-shame; and the negation of self-trust is not self-doubt but self-pride.
          (not D)   =   not not prv D   =   prv D  =  prv not (not D)
          Therefore (not D) fits the self-shame equation   S = prv not S.
          (not T)   =   not  prv T   =   not prv not (not T)
          Therefore (not T) fits the self-pride equation   P = not prv not P.

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