Friday, April 4, 2014

Two Proofs, an Underfable

       Two Proofs

          Once upon a time, the Ground of Being said unto Jesus-on-a-Taco, “Am I or am I not? That is the question. For if I am, then being is grounded within being, and so not grounded at all; whereas if I am not, then again being is ungrounded. But I am the Ground of Being; therefore I neither am nor am not. That’s Logic.”
         Jesus-on-a-Taco retorted, “What use have the People for Logic? I may not be rigorous, but at least I’m edible!”
         A Preacher overheard this, and said to himself, “Good, now I have two proofs.”

         Moral: To the philosophers, God is false; to the believers, God is true; and to the magistrates, God is useful.

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