Friday, September 5, 2014



          Once upon a time an Adventurer told the Genie of the Lamp, “But I know how this works! The third wish is always to unwish the first two wishes!”
          The Genie said, “Indeed that is generally the case.”
          The Adventurer said, “Can the third wish be for more wishes? Or is that against the rules?”
          The Genie said, “You wish to know?”
          The Adventurer said, “Right now information is more valuable than gold, so yes! I wish to know if I can wish for wishes, and why Genie wishes go wrong.”
          The Genie said, “I grant you these wishes as a reward for freeing me from the Lamp; so slaving over them would be counter to the purpose. Therefore only three wishes, and those three granted in a way least troublesome for me.”
          “Honestly put,” said the Adventurer. “My second wish is to know if genies can grant their own wishes, and if they can grant men that power.”
          The Genie said, “To grant one’s own wishes is the definition of freedom.”
           The Adventurer said, “Then my third wish is for freedom! May I be able to grant my own wishes!”
          The Genie said, “Granted,” and vanished.
          The Adventurer left the Genie’s cave, bearing an ancient tin lamp, with Genie tale attached, to sell for a pretty penny at the nearest bazaar.
          At the mouth of the cave, he said, “May I have health, wealth, fame, fortune, love and luck.”
          Then he said, “Granted.”
          Then he set forth, to put the wish into action.

          Moral: If you want something done right, then do it yourself.

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