Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Malware, an Underfable


          Once upon a time a Wizard lit up his crystal ball, only to discover that all of his spells had been translated into Enochian. A Demon appeared in the ball and said, “Ha, ha! Sacrifice a goat to me or you’ll never read your spells again!”
          “But Cryptovirus,” the Wizard said to the Demon, “You use a Royally-approved cipher.”
          Cryptovirus said, “What of it?”
          “The King’s cipher is corrupted,” said the Wizard.
“What of that? You aren’t a King’s man!”
“But I paid one.” He waved an amulet in front of the crystal ball, and made a mystic pass of the hands. He peered into the ball and smiled. “Backdoor activated. Spells decoded. Activate security scan.”
          A Guardian Angel appeared on the crystal ball. It said, “One threat detected. Quarantine or delete?”
          Cryptovirus said, “NOOOOOooooo…”
          The Guardian Angel said, “All threats deleted.”
          The Wizard said, “Call Akashic Library. Inform them of latest cryptovirus.” The crystal ball displayed a wait wheel; as it slowly spun, the Wizard drummed his fingers. He said into the air, “A corrupted cryptovirus! What’s this world coming to?”

          Moral: There is no honor among thieves.

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