Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Temptation by Innocence, an Underfable

Temptation by Innocence

Once upon a time, the Devil whispered to a King, “Your enemies are bad, so you must become worse. Let me help you.”
The King said, “But you’re the Devil. I must fight you.”
“By any means possible,” agreed the Devil, “wherever possible.”
“Where are you?”
The Devil said, “I do not exist right here, in you, but I do exist, over there, in them.” Then he seemed to leave.
Ten years later the King stood, with his hands cuffed behind him, before the tribunal of his enemies. He told the presiding Judge, “But my intentions were good.”
The Judge replied, “Except towards everyone but you.”
The King said, “My methods were moderate.”
The Judge said, “Except for breaking every law.”
The King said, “I did good at every opportunity.”
The Judge said, “You did well, not good.”
The King said, “I am innocent!”
The Judge said, “Your motives, methods, and deeds were criminal. I sentence you to the guillotine.”
On the King’s tombstone they engraved his last words:
“The Devil Made Me Do It”.

Moral: Own your crimes.

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