Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Honest Politicians

I wrote the following piece as the Discreditorial for the April 1, 1994 edition of the National Liar, a short-lived satire zine from out of Lincoln University.

Honest Politicians

Patriotic traitors
Conservative destroyers
Liberal enslavers
Socialist profiteers
Free-market monopolists
Austerity spendthrifts
Philanthropy tightwads
Progressive bigots
Feminist sexists
Gay homophobes
Macho wimps
Liberated prudes
Celibate lechers
Prohibition addicts
Legalization crooks
Pro-life killers
Pro-choice regulators
Anarchist tyrants
Rebel fascists
Law-and-order rioters
Jingo cowards
Pacifist assassins 
Skeptical dupes 
Pious sinners
Holy warriors

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