Friday, October 14, 2011

Paradox Limericks

    Paradox Limericks

            There once was a poet from Crete
            who performed a remarkable feat.
            He announced to the wise,
            “Every Cretan tells lies,”
            thus ensuring their logic’s defeat.

            Said a monk to a man named Joshu
            “Is that dog really God?” He said “Mu.”
            This answer is vexing
            and highly perplexing
            and that was the best he could do.
            I once heard a butterfly shout
            while giddily flitting about,
            “Of Chaos I sing!
            Each flap of my wing                                    
            Brings thunderstorm, rainbow, or drought!”
            An electron confessed to the fact
            that its nature was not too exact.
            “I’m a particle, yes;
            that is true, more or less
            but I frequently like to diffract.”
            There once was a humanoid race
            that wanted to travel through space.
            But the aliens said,
            “Do not help them! Why spread
            such critters all over the place?”

            A citizen asked me, with rue,
            “Now what is a voter to do?
            For Moe is a knave
            And Larry’s not brave
            and Curly has hardly a clue!”
            You may think that these limericks are clean
            just because they aren’t lewd or obscene;
            but they do whisper scandal
            that some couldn’t handle
            if only they knew what they mean.

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