Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love Song of the Pronouns

Love Song of the Pronouns
 (after Lewis Carroll)
 by Nathaniel Hellerstein

It told them she had been to her
to praise himself to him;
he gave her a good character
as friend and synonym.

Does she love him? Does he love her?
Do those know whom to please?
Which when and where does how prefer?
Whose what and why are these?

He gave her one, she gave him two
we gave them three and more;
from us to ours, returning true
though each was theirs before.

If she and he should chance to be
inclined that we recur
they trust that this and that are free
to love them as we were.

Our notion was that one become
(had she or he the wits)
a bridge from none, through few and some
to anyone and its.

In love with him and her are we
but when they come to call
far more than us, far more than me
I love you most of all.

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