Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forbidden Documents 3: the Declaration of Wrongs

            The Declaration of Wrongs

            Every government is a spectacle; that is, an organized sham, a system of false metaphors displacing reality, a lie justifying the crimes of power elites. Thus it is a revolutionary act to shout "Theater!" in the middle of a crowded fire.
            The state's biggest lie is its threat of using limitless force to impose its will; but the people, in their natural liberty, possess certain inalienable rights which no state has the power to successfully abrogate.
            The most fundamental right of the people is the right to be wrong. The people have the absolute, infinite, unlimited, and inalienable right to err, sin, blunder, goof, and fuck up.

            And as a direct consequence, the people have the right:

                        to believe the wrong religions.
to speak the wrong words.
to print the wrong publications.
to communicate the wrong ideas.
to think the wrong thoughts.
to feel the wrong emotions.
to enjoy the wrong pleasures.
to take the wrong drugs.
to play the wrong music.
to visit the wrong places.
to love the wrong people.
to love them the wrong way.

            And in general, the people have the absolute and unmitigated right to experience the wrong experiences.

            The people even have the right to read this very document wrong! For in truth this Declaration is not intended to justify falsehood or wickedness in any way, shape, or form; rather instead its firmest intent is to uphold truth and justice by solidly grounding them in a foundation of liberty. Let it indeed be known that the right to be wrong implies both the right to be right, and the responsibility to be responsible!
            But it is an ineluctable tragedy of the human condition that liberty can never be fully separated from license; and therefore this limited anarchy may indeed, upon tragic occasion, become just such a chaotic catastrophe as it is depicted by its prudish detractors and its lunatic enthusiasts.
            Nonetheless such misunderstandings of this document's intent would all be entirely possible expressions of the people's natural rights.

            The people have the right to political error; which implies that the people have the absolute, infinite, unlimited, and inalienable right to revolution.
Therefore, the people have the right:

            to create money.
            to create militias.
            to create institutions.
            to create folkways.
            to create amenities.
            to create communities.

            In short, the people have the natural right to create alternative cultures and societies, designed to displace the old ways.

            Prudence, indeed, dictates this; for no sensible, free, and life-loving people will dare allow its posterity's liberty and happiness to remain at the mercy of the corruptible forms of any particular established culture.


            In addition to the above-mentioned rights is this:

            The people have the absolute and unmitigated right to commit any type of scandalous outrage, without fear of punishment, provided that they are not caught.

            In other words, we the people have the natural right to get away scot-free with mischief, whenever possible.

            For let it be known to all:

            This Declaration is not a dispensation of privileges by a victorious prince to a grateful peasantry; it is instead a defiant proclamation to a criminal gang (tactfully called a ‘‘government') of its utter impotence in the face of an assembly of free citizens superior to it in numbers, in powers, and in intellect.

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