Monday, January 2, 2012

Working Joe: Civic Fixture

Civic Fixture

Menace, one of the stupider supervillains, threatened Working Joe's family. Working Joe went first to Captain Blue for help, but Captain Blue said "Give up your day job, and come with me to fight crime."

But Working Joe said, "I'm no trust-fund baby like you, I got a wife and kids, I gotta work for a living."

So Working Joe then went to Big Boss. He said, "I'm not asking you for anything, I'm just telling you I can't work under these conditions, and I'm thinking of leaving town."

Big Boss said, "No, stay. Don't worry about that moron. I'll take care of him."

Working Joe said, "So what do I owe you?"

"Nuthin'. You worth plenty as is."

And what do you know, the very next day it was Menace who suddenly left town.

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