Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Working Joe: The Price

The Price.

Big Boss frowned. Hands on hips, he glared upwards at the inert bulk of Turboencabulator #7. He sucked on his stogie. He blew out a cloud of smoke. He grumbled, "I got no choice. Call Working Joe!"

Big Boss's minion Lackey texted Working Joe, and Working Joe flew right over. When he landed, Big Boss said, "Turboencabulator #7 broke in the super-fight last Tuesday. Can you fix it?"

Working Joe inspected Turboencabulator #7. He used his vision, his X-ray vision, and his sonar. He scratched his head. Then he opened a flap on his utility belt and took out a hammer no bigger than his thumb. He got onto his knees, he crawled to the lower left rear corner of the huge machine, and he tapped it once with the tiny hammer.

Instantly Turboencabulator #7 roared back into full operation. Working Joe stood up, put away the hammer and said, "It'll work fine now."

Big Boss said, "Thank you, Working Joe. How can I ever repay you?"

Working Joe said, "Easily," and he handed over a bill.

Big Boss read the bill and his face turned red. "A hundred thousand and one dollars?" he bellowed. "But you just tapped it once with a tiny hammer! A hundred thousand dollars for that?!"

Working Joe said, "No. Only one dollar for tapping it with a tiny hammer.  A hundred thousand dollars for knowing where to tap it."

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