Sunday, November 4, 2012

Abolish Daylight Savings Time

I interrupt this blogging of “Why Sogwa should be President” to (once again) ride a favorite hobbyhorse of mine; the absurdity and unhealthiness of Daylight Savings Time. 
            Once again the State officiously interferes with the clock, and with people's sleep cycles. Once again, just like half a year ago, the entire country suffers from an hour's worth of jet-lag. Once again there will be a spike in illness and accidents. 
Sogwa herself, campaigning on a platform of realism, would certainly not approve of this interference with measurement.
“Fall back” is a lesser evil than “Spring forward”; it allows one day of sleeping-in; but a day later you’re back to normal, and that’s that. At least I no longer have to wake up to pitch black. But even so, it’s artificial jet-lag.

And for what? To “save daylight”? What utter nonsense. Is evening self more important than morning self?

Abolish Daylight Savings Time!

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