Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Future Hominin Evolution

          Future Hominin Evolution

An immune system that can laugh off AIDS, Ebola, the flu and the common cold.
Radiation resistance.
A liver that can break down dioxin and nanomachines.
Eat anything you want, as much as you want, without fear of heart disease, stroke, obesity or diabetes.
Limb and organ regeneration.
Reading, writing and ’rithmetic, at the highest skill level, from a very early age.
Accurate statistical intuition.
Accurate physics intuition.
Superhuman political savvy.
Superhuman sales resistance.
Superhuman sense of humor.
Superhuman emotional resilience.

The good news is, people of the far future will have all of these traits. The bad news is, they’ll need them in order to survive long enough to reproduce.

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