Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fermi Paradox: a rundown

          Fermi Paradox: a rundown

          The Fermi Paradox is “where are they?” Meaning, where are the extraterrestrials? An exponentially growing technological species can fill the universe, and we’d see them, but we don’t. Why not?
          Possible explanations:

Insignificance: They just don’t bother with us.
Protection: Earth is a wildlife preserve.
Hornet: They don’t want to mess with us.
Ubiquity: They’re too ubiquitous to be detectable.
Invisibility: We just can’t see them.
Camouflage: They’re hiding from us and each other.
Mythology: We can and do often see them.
Abandonment: They’ve given up on us.
Testing: They’re waiting for us to do something.
Suicide: Technological species destroy themselves.
Modesty: The ones that don’t limit themselves.
Uniqueness: We’re the only ones around here.
Primality: We happen to be the first.
Distance: They haven’t gotten here yet.
Simultaneity: Everyone is arising at once.

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