Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Super-Democracy, an Underfable


Once upon a time, Working Joe conspired with Dr. Diablo to overthrow the reign of the superheroes. They worked together for different reasons; Dr. Diablo because he was a supervillain, Working Joe because he was neither hero nor villain, just super.
          Working Joe gave Dr. Diablo cheek swabs, blood samples and stool samples, and was scanned by sonograms, X-rays and neutrinos. Between Dr. Diablo’s theorizing and Working Joe’s experience, they figured out the nature of superpower. It turned out to be a simple matter of electron psychology, replicable by adeledicnandar technology. With a morphogenetic transmodulator, anybody could achieve, or even surpass, the powers of the superheroes.
          Dr. Diablo and Working Joe met with Big Boss to ask for a loan, to develop, test, and mass-produce cheap consumer transmodulators. Big Boss seized upon this opportunity for super-profit.
          The superheroes and the other supervillains got wind of this, and interrupted their endless destructive fighting, to oppose such crass commercialism. Only they, the genetic elite, should wield superpowers, not the common folk.
They joined forces to destroy the Transmodulator Corporation; but in the end they were defeated by Big Boss’s super-money, Working Joe’s super-productivity, and Dr. Diablo’s super-cunning.
          Nowadays everybody in Metroville is super, so nobody is.
Moral: Power to the People!

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