Thursday, September 22, 2016

Report Card

Report Card
For Tribal Society and Civilization

                                          Tribal Society          Civilization

Intimate Botany                          A                            D
Naked-Eye Astronomy               A                            D
Technical Botany                        F                             A
Technical Astronomy                 F                              A
Hand-Made Tools                       B                             D
Hand-Made Weapons                 A                             D
Industrial Tools                           F                             A
Industrial Weapons                     F                             A
Family Loyalty                           A                             B
Stranger Hospitality                    F                             C
Reading and Writing                   F                             A
Arithmetic                                   F                             A
Retail Homicide:
   Practice                                    A                             C
   Prevention                                D                             C  
Wholesale Homicide:
   Practice                                    C                             A
   Prevention                                C                             D
Wilderness Survival                    A                             F
Street Survival                             F                             A
Initiative                                      A                             C
Civics                                           F                             A
Teamwork                                    C                             A


For Tribal Society:
Superb at wilderness survival and related topics; intimate botany, hand-made tools and weapons.
Does not play well with others outside immediate family. Needs to develop social skills.
Has anger and anxiety issues.

For Civilization:
A superb team player, advanced in civics, specialized technologies, reading, writing and arithmetic.
Still needs work on social skills; also has fallen behind on intimate botany and hand-made tools.
Has anger and anxiety issues.


For Tribal Society:
Urgent need to catch up in Literacy and Mathematics.
Schedule intensive study in History and Home Ec.
Urgent need for psychological counseling.

For Civilization:
Promote to the next grade in Shop, Home Ec, and Media.
Needs refresher work in Ecology, Initiative and Civics. Schedule several pop exams.
Has progressed in playing well with others, but still needs psychological counseling.

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