Thursday, October 13, 2016

Both Not Wrong, an Underfable

          Both Not Wrong

          Once upon a time, a red devil from Hell yelled,
          “Oh look, it’s Little Miss Perfect! The featherhead from so high up that she always looks down her nose!
          You privileged twit! You smug, sanctimonious, overbearing, obnoxious bitch! You’re a passive-aggressive, holier-than-thou, know-it-all, know-nothing buffoon!
You pious prude! You self-righteous hypocrite! You bleat love love love, but your heart is as cold as outer space!
          You ought to warm up; so go to the blazes!”

          In reply a blue angel from Heaven cooed,
          “You pathetic deplorable, what’s wrong with you? Why so nasty? Why so angry? Don’t you like being a wretched lowlife? And don’t you know that you’re ugly when you’re mad?
          Poor dear, you pretend to be tough, but I know that your bluster conceals a frightened child, crying for Mommy. What a pity!
          One day you will see the error of your ways, and you will repent. Then I will forgive you.”

          And God face-palmed.

          Moral: Proving another all wrong won’t make you all right.

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