Friday, April 21, 2017

Political Perversities and Misnomers

Political Perversities and Misnomers

          How to predict ‘conservatism’: it always chooses the more destructive option. Whatever injures, ruins or kills more; that will be called conservative. This is, of course, straight-up doublethink. War is peace, slavery is freedom, destruction conserves.

          Why this perversity? Why don’t conservatives conserve? Is the very name a Big Lie?

          And in other perversities: why don’t liberals liberate? Why don’t libertarians liberate? And why don’t progressives progress?

          I suppose it has to do with the corruption of power, the limits of language, and the inherent dynamism of the world. I propose these corrections to the misnomers conservative, liberal, libertarian and progressive: respectively destructivist, regulist, propertarian, and retreatist.

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