Friday, April 7, 2017

The Spongians versus the Bonoboids

          The Spongians versus the Bonoboids

          Once upon a time, planet Earth was invaded by two competing species of extraterrestrials; the Spongians and the Bonoboids. The Humans of Earth held the balance; they could decide which ones must leave, and which stay, as allies.
          The Spongians breed by budding. They cannot misbehave sexually, indeed even think sexually, but they do kill, quite casually and viciously, for political purposes. Also they have an annoying laugh.
          The Bonoboids are very much sexual creatures. They are peaceful, empathic and intensely promiscuous. They copulate like we would shake hands, and this too for political purposes.
          Artists, lowlives and heretics favored the Bonoboids; but those more conventional in morality were torn. Which would be worse to put up with; Bonoboid peace and prosperity, at the price of constant treaty-sex, or Spongian violent domination, at the price of hearing that laugh?
          The election was rigged in favor of the Spongians, by a propaganda/vote-suppression scheme that cost the Spongians only six hundred and sixty-six trillion dollars.

          Moral: Right and wrong break when bought.

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