Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Talent for Failure, an Underfable

       A Talent for Failure

          (after Matthew 25:14-30)

          Once upon a time, a Boss was about to go abroad, so he called his three employees and gave each a dozen golden talents to invest until his return.
          Upon his return, the first employee said, “I invested a dozen talents in a real-estate bubble. The bubble burst, and nothing remains.”
          The second employee said, “I invested a dozen talents in an imperial adventure, but the war was lost, and nothing remains.”
          The third employee said, “I buried the dozen talents in the back-yard, for the world is full of thieves. Here are your dozen talents.”
          The Boss paid the first two employees two dozen talents each, for they were too big to fail; but he dismissed the third employee, for lack of innovation.
          That third employee then founded a company of his own, which remained in business long after the Boss’s company went bankrupt.

          Moral: You get what you pay for.

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