Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kids These Days, an Underfable

       Kids These Days

          Once upon a time Death and a Maiden parted due to irreconcilable differences. According to Death, the youth of the day were impudent, irresponsible, irreverent and ungrateful. The Maiden retorted that Death was overbearing, unreasonable, conformist and tyrannical. Death denounced the foolish fashions of the young, their noisy music, their lunatic lusts, their atrocious manners and their absurd ideas. The Maiden countered by calling Death old-fashioned, tone-deaf, joyless, inhibited and unimaginative. After long, loud argument, Death stormed out, vowing never to return until she came to her senses.
          Heartbroken by this rejection, she rebounded by choosing a suitor, wedding him and bearing him a family. The Maiden, now a Mother, never again thought of Death, except for every day.
          But when her children grew up and left home, and when her husband died, the Mother, now a Crone, slowly grew to a new view. One day she realized that the youth of the day were indeed impudent, irresponsible, irreverent and ungrateful. It was in fact true that their fashions were foolish, their music was noise, their lusts were lunatic, their manners were atrocious and their ideas were absurd; just as Death had told her long ago. At last she saw things from Death’s point of view.
          The moment the Crone realized this, there was a knock at the back door. She went back and opened the door.
          And Death said, “All is forgiven.”

          Moral: Never hold a permanent grudge.

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