Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More Political Triads

          More Political Triads

The people are...
-  choose two!

Equal and profitable but not free; just how Pharaoh likes ‘em.
Profitable and free but not equal; meritocracy, in theory.
Free and equal but not profitable; that herd of cats won’t work for you!

About the last; Chuang Tzu told a tale of a Useless Tree, whose wood, leaves, branches, bark and nuts were so worthless, from a human point of view, that the carpenters let it live to a ripe old age. The Useless Tree visited a carpenter in a dream and explained that its uselessness was extremely useful to it.

A politician is…
-         choose two!


The State is a protection racket:
The Church is a confidence game;
and the Market is a slave auction.

Dear readers: discuss.


Money is a crook, but who can arrest it?
Money is a tyrant, but who dares defy it?
Money is a failure, but who can replace it?

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