Friday, October 3, 2014

The Revolutionary, an Underfable

          The Revolutionary

          Once upon a time, Sumadastron the Time-Lost was ordered into the Baron’s presence. He entered with his head bowed and his hands tied behind his back. Following him was his keeper and scribe, Brother Quark.
          The Baron frowned. “Charlatan, you waste my time,” he told Sumadastron. “You brag of future miracles and wonders, but you refuse to foretell fortunes!”
          The stranded time-traveler said, “Time is a tree; there are many futures. I am from a divergent timeline, so I cannot predict politics.” Behind him Brother Quark, with eyes as wide as saucers, wrote down his every word.
          “So no battle outcomes? Nothing useful?” the Baron sneered. “Just ravings about harnessed lightning! And flight! And democracy! And baths and baby toys!”
          “And universal law,” said Sumadastron.
          “In this valley, I am the law,” the Baron said. “Can your precious universal law help me in my distress? Perhaps you know some futuristic secret with which I can slay my many enemies?”
          Sumadastron the Time-Lost thought, two parts sulfur, three parts charcoal, fifteen parts saltpeter, but he kept silent.
          The Baron drummed his fingers. “It would be a shame to dull my headsman’s axe upon your scrawny neck,” he said. “So go! Follow your keeper and scribe to his order’s vineyard; there stomp grapes and scribble nonsense, and bother me no more! I have work to do, places to go, people to meet, fights to fight! I am a man of action, I have no use for your dreams! Leave me, now!
          Sumadastron and Brother Quark bowed low, then backed away and out. Once upon the road, Sumadastron asked Brother Quark, “Does your vineyard have a wine-press?” Brother Quark nodded. “And does it have a Printing Press?”
          Brother Quark blurted, “A what?”
          Sumadastron smiled. “I’ll show you,” he promised.

          Moral: Deeds cannot dream what dreams can do.

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