Monday, October 26, 2015

Alchemic Power Of Thor

Alchemic Power Of Thor
          Outline for a Comic Book

“Alchemic Power Of Thor” is a pet imaginary project of mine. It is a Mighty Thor comic, explaining and advocating the thorium reactor.
Thor and Loki descend into the Underworld, and visit the Five-Sided Temple. There they meet with the death-god Pluto and with Ares, the Lord of War. On the agenda; which type of alchemic power reactor for Ares? Thor’s liquid-fluoride-thorium reactor, or Pluto’s light-water plutonium reactor?
Thor and Pluto present tutorials about their reactors, brightly illustrated in comic-book colors. Ares is only mildly interested in the greater efficiency of Thor’s reactor, and the greater abundance of thorium over uranium; he is intrigued by extracting precious rhodium from Thor’s reactor waste; he is much intrigued by extracting weapons plutonium from Pluto’s reactor-waste. Naive Thor gaffes badly by bragging that his reactor is useless for making bombs.
And as for the rest of the alchemic waste (100000 years deadly for Pluto’s reactor, 300 years deadly for Thor’s, Thor’s reactor can burn Pluto’s alchemic waste) Ares cares not one little bit. Ares chooses Pluto’s reactor.
Defeated, Thor and Loki leave the Underworld; but tricky Loki tells saddened Thor to cheer up; for when Loki tells the news to the people of Midgard, they praise Thor. The Midgardians say that the War-Lord’s rejection of Thor’s reactor is for them an endorsement!
All hail mighty Thor!

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