Thursday, October 29, 2015

The End of Time, an Underfable

      The End of Time

          Once upon a time, a Prophet preached, “Never mind paying your bills! Forget about planning for the future! You are free from all those bonds; for my calculations predict that on the twenty-third of next month, Time itself shall end!”
          Some people believed this prophesy; others laughed at it; most ignored it, for they had heard such predictions before.
          The appointed day arrived. The Sun rose in the east, ascended to the zenith, and set in the west. Then the stars arced overhead all night. By the next morning, Time had indeed ended for many; but it continued for most, and began for some, just like on any other day.
          The next morning came, and the Sun rose in the east. At noon the Prophet announced, “My calculations remain valid, despite the world’s continued existence; only details of timing need revision.” Then he named a later date for the End of Time.
That evening the postman went about his daily rounds, delivering yet another batch of bills.

          Moral: Some things never end.

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