Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Breaking the Spell, an Underfable

          Breaking the Spell

          Once upon a time, a Witch Doctor was out gathering herbs, when a Raven landed on a nearby tree branch and looked at him.  Then the other tribes-people came by.  The Hetman said, “There is a Sorcerer amongst us, he has cast an evil spell upon us, can you find him?”
          The Witch Doctor said, “What kind of spell did he cast?”
          “A spell of death and disorder. So every time one of us suffers grave misfortune, we search amongst ourselves for the victim’s enemy.”
          “How do you know that person had an enemy?”
          “Why else would someone suffer grave misfortune? One way or another, we find an enemy, whom we call the Sorcerer, and then kill.”
          “I see,” said the Witch Doctor. “Thus doubling our death rate. Have you found the Sorcerer?”
          “Not yet,” the Hetman admitted, “for misfortunes keep coming.”
          “And blaming all misfortunes on a Sorcerer amongst us; and doubling our death rate; how did you decide that these are good ideas?”
          The Hetman said, “These ideas occurred to all of us, all at once. We assumed that they make sense.”
          The Witch Doctor said, “Then those very ideas are the evil spell that the Sorcerer cast upon you. To search for him amongst each other; that itself is disorder. End the search to end the disorder.”
          Lightning flashed across the clear blue sky, the Raven cried “Curses!” and the evil Sorcerer (for it was he) flew away.

          Moral: Question assumptions.

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