Friday, February 12, 2016

Spider Politics

Spider Politics

Once I misread the prefix anarcho- as arachno-. From this random variation I evolved these words:

Arachnocapitalism (n.)
1. A process where, like a spider catching its prey in its web, the 1%ers catch the 99% in their statist web, allegedly erected for the people's protection, and make themselves richer, the rest poorer and worse off,
2. The same mass entrapment and exploitation achieved by monopolistic market-rigging.
3. A creepy anagram of ‘anarchocapitalism’, denoting the corruption of the anarchocapitalist ideal.
4. Crony capitalism with an arthropod face.

Arachnosyndicalism (n.)
1. The corruption of the ideal of communal economics.
2. Communism.

          These words remind me of J. Michael Straczynski’s science-fiction television series, “Bablyon 5”. In it, one of the meddling Elder Races is the predatory spider-like Shadows, who like to spread chaos by granting wishes, and who definitely practice arachnocapitalism.

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