Friday, February 5, 2016

Infinite Mercy, an Underfable

Infinite Mercy

Once upon a time, a Cleric gave his first sermon. He preached that God is beyond human comprehension, and he gave a complete list of everything that God wants you to do. He preached that God loves everyone, and he preached that God has enemies. He preached that the faithful must destroy parts of God’s creation, in order to glorify God’s creation. He preached that God is infinitely powerful, and he preached that God needs your money. And above all he preached that God shared all of the Cleric’s worst personality faults.
God did nothing about these absurd libels; for in that universe, God did not exist. But a googolplex light-years away was another universe, almost identical except that there, God did exist.
In that universe, a Cleric gave the exact same sermon. The Angels looked down from Heaven, and they cried out in horror. They prayed to God, “Smite the blasphemer!”
But God said, “Forgive him, for he knows not what he does.”
Thus the Cleric survived his first sermon in both branches of the multiverse.

Moral: God’s mercy is infinite whether or not God exists.

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