Monday, June 5, 2017

Features of All Cosmologies

          Features of All Cosmologies

          An Observer Effect, documented

·       The “Just-So-Story” Origin myth
·       The Incredible Journey
·       The Large Foreground
·       The End Foreseen
·       The Annoying Counter-Evidence

The “Just-So Story” Origin Myth

There’s always an explanation for the beginning, but the explanation never makes sense. But why should it? That was then; it wasn’t like now. And if the explanation made sense, then it too would need an explanation, and not be the origin.

The Incredible Journey
That was then, this is now, and the two times differed. Now things are known and fixed; then nothing was; so for each fixed thing there had to be a passage from vague to sharp.

The Large Foreground
Sharp is easier to see than vague; now is more present than then; so our tale tells more of here and now than of there and then.

The End Foreseen
The future has you and I at its center. It ends in glory; but that glory is somewhat indefinite; for if you could define it, then you could ask, ‘what then?’, and it would not be the end.

The Annoying Counter-Evidence
This is insignificant and irrelevant, until it isn’t.

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